Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Night Traditions.

Dave and I have talked alot about the different traditions we want to start with our kids, especially as they get older. One tradition that we have started lately occurs Sunday evenings. Sundays are really the only day we can spend together as a family and really relax. Dave has been working late most days during the week and it seems like we always have something going on Saturday. Sunday mornings we have church and I am teaching the 2 and 3 year old class during second service (Dave is helping - he loves that I drag him into this stuff....hahahhaa). We get home around 12:30 and we eat lunch and then relax, watch football, catch up on laundry, etc while the boys nap. We usually have our growth group Sunday evenings but for the last couple weeks its either been canceled or we haven't been able to make it and so our Sunday tradition began. We do a complete non-traditional dinner and watch a movie as a family. We even eat dinner in the living room while picking out a movie to watch (we have Netflix streamed through our Wii). The past couple Sundays we have done fruit and sticky popcorn but this Sunday we decided to do chicken nachos and fruit (not your typical Sunday dinner but that's what makes it fun!).
 Excited for our Sunday night snacks and movie.

 Yummy!!! The chicken was soooooo good. Notice the half-eaten bowl of fruit, I cut up a bunch of apples and added grapes and put that out while Dave was cooking. The kids inhaled most the fruit by the time the nachos were done.
 Jax liked to dip everything into the sour cream...... is evidenced by his face.
We finished off the food while watching the end of the Pittsburgh/Jets game and then watched a Disney movie on Netflix. I love ending the weekend like this, its a perfect family night and I love laying on the couch with one or both kids in my arms leaning against my awesome and supportive husband. Life is amazing!


The Price Family said...

Oh fun!!! Let's do this when we are there!!!! :)

Keri said...

Life IS amazing with such sweet little ones, huh Car?? Love it. So cute.
i wanna be at YOUR house on Sundays!