Friday, September 28, 2012

Deer Hunting 2012

Deer season opened at the beginning of September (archery only), Dave goes out to my parents place where he has a couple deer stands set up and hunts out of them. Both Colt and Jax were VERY excited about going this year, this was Jax's first year going and Colt's third year. Dave took them on different days and it was something that they both talk about constantly.

 Jax got to go first, Dave said he stopped and let him pick out jelly beans as a treat while they were in the stand. He pretty much smiled the entire time but Dave said the minute the first deer game into sight Jax yells "DAD, THERE IS A DEER" and of course the deer ran away and warned the other ones and they did not see many other deer for the rest of the night. Jax did not care though, he was so excited and happy when he got home and still talks about going hunting all the TIME.
Colt understands a little better since he has gone quite a few times and Dave said he is absolutely perfect in the stand, being very quiet and looking through his binoculars for the deer. It honestly amazes me just how much these boys love to go hunting with Dave and shoot their bows. Pretty sure they are exactly the son's that Dave has always imagined having!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Colt: Preschool and Soccer

Colt started preschool last week at Betty's Preschool. He LOVES it, there were no tears from him on his first day, he was more than ready to go and that makes me all the more confident that we made the right choice in waiting to send him to kindergarten until he is 6. I think having that extra year will be great for his confidence as he gets older as well.
 I tried so hard to get a first day of school picture with all the boys, I must have taken easily 100 of them and this is the only one that turned out with everyone looking at the camera. Colt and Jax did great, Case on the other hand refused to sit still.
 This picture describes Mr. Case's personality perfectly. He is so FULL of LIFE!

Colt has a fall harvest program at his preschool and I was able to go and watch, unfortunately my camera battery died half way through so I did not get very many pictures. He did such a nice job though and he listens very well and tries hard to do what is right. We are so proud of him!
 Colt also started soccer through the Parks and Rec here in Walla Walla. He really loves playing, he has never really played much so he definitely has a lot to learn but we always just tell him he needs to just chase the ball and work hard and that is all we expect of him. It has been fun to watch him work hard and get better as the season went on.
Team picture. I love Colt's smile.

 Jax and Case came to every game, they were both good sports. Jax was his usual chill self........
.....and Case was his usual crazy self.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School.

School started here right after Labor Day. I am still just teaching part time in the mornings, I am teaching Algebra 1-2 this year which is a bit of a change from what I have taught the last couple of years. The prep and planning has been a lot of work and I was really nervous about being able to balance it all and still do a good job of teaching my students. I also went back to school and have started my master's in Secondary Education, it will take me about 18 months to complete. It will be nice to have a master's when I do decide to go back to teaching full time. Dave is back in school as well, finishing up his undergraduate degree at Eastern Oregon University as well as working full time and hunting and fishing as much as his schedule allows. Then, of course, the kids have all their activities; Preschool, Soccer, AWANA, church, playdates and just being kids. It has been a busy start to our fall but I am trying to really enjoy my time at home with them and staying away from the computer as much as possible during the day. Both Dave and I try to save our school work for after the kids are in bed. Here are some random pictures from lately.

 We spend a lot of our afternoon's getting out and enjoying the nice weather before the cold weather hits later this fall.
 Case snuggling his glow-baby and milk in the morning.
 Case needs a post all of his own. He is one of a kind! I have NEVER had a boy like him but oh we LOVE him!
 Colt's favorite time of day right now : craft time. It is NOT fun doing crafts with Case but he will learn.
 Yep, he can now climb up on top of the table and likes to walk around. We have to watch him!
Dee Dee came over one day to babysit when both Dave and I had to work all day.