Friday, September 28, 2012

Deer Hunting 2012

Deer season opened at the beginning of September (archery only), Dave goes out to my parents place where he has a couple deer stands set up and hunts out of them. Both Colt and Jax were VERY excited about going this year, this was Jax's first year going and Colt's third year. Dave took them on different days and it was something that they both talk about constantly.

 Jax got to go first, Dave said he stopped and let him pick out jelly beans as a treat while they were in the stand. He pretty much smiled the entire time but Dave said the minute the first deer game into sight Jax yells "DAD, THERE IS A DEER" and of course the deer ran away and warned the other ones and they did not see many other deer for the rest of the night. Jax did not care though, he was so excited and happy when he got home and still talks about going hunting all the TIME.
Colt understands a little better since he has gone quite a few times and Dave said he is absolutely perfect in the stand, being very quiet and looking through his binoculars for the deer. It honestly amazes me just how much these boys love to go hunting with Dave and shoot their bows. Pretty sure they are exactly the son's that Dave has always imagined having!

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