Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School.

School started here right after Labor Day. I am still just teaching part time in the mornings, I am teaching Algebra 1-2 this year which is a bit of a change from what I have taught the last couple of years. The prep and planning has been a lot of work and I was really nervous about being able to balance it all and still do a good job of teaching my students. I also went back to school and have started my master's in Secondary Education, it will take me about 18 months to complete. It will be nice to have a master's when I do decide to go back to teaching full time. Dave is back in school as well, finishing up his undergraduate degree at Eastern Oregon University as well as working full time and hunting and fishing as much as his schedule allows. Then, of course, the kids have all their activities; Preschool, Soccer, AWANA, church, playdates and just being kids. It has been a busy start to our fall but I am trying to really enjoy my time at home with them and staying away from the computer as much as possible during the day. Both Dave and I try to save our school work for after the kids are in bed. Here are some random pictures from lately.

 We spend a lot of our afternoon's getting out and enjoying the nice weather before the cold weather hits later this fall.
 Case snuggling his glow-baby and milk in the morning.
 Case needs a post all of his own. He is one of a kind! I have NEVER had a boy like him but oh we LOVE him!
 Colt's favorite time of day right now : craft time. It is NOT fun doing crafts with Case but he will learn.
 Yep, he can now climb up on top of the table and likes to walk around. We have to watch him!
Dee Dee came over one day to babysit when both Dave and I had to work all day.

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