Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Break Fun.

With 2 weeks off of school we had some fun things planned. We met my parents at Hot Mama's coffee shop and the kids visited with Santa. Case was the first one to go up and tell him what he wanted for Christmas. This was the first time any of the kids had ever been to see Santa which made it fun.
We took advantage of a fairly nice day before the super cold temps came in and went to the park for some playtime and fresh air.

We had our friends the Hutchison's over for an afternoon of decorating Christmas trees out of ice cream cones and candy. These kids play so well together and so do the adults. They are a fun family to have as good friends!
Lots of time spent playing games with their new magnetic writing boards. All the kids are getting good at drawing and writing. Even Colbi has figured out how to hold a pencil.
 We had a sleepover with Colt's friend Parker and Jax's friend Joel. It was an interesting night but the kids did great and had so much fun!
 A lunch out with Papa.
 Colt got to go pheasant hunting with Dave and Papa.

 And of course lots of wrestling and noise with 3 boys in the house!
Love these little moments.....Case sharing his crackers with Colbi.