Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The BIG 3-0

Today I turned 30 years old, the day was quite simply AMAZING! I love my birthday, I don't even ask for anything special or expect anything big but it always turns out special.  Today was no different, the boys woke up before I left for work (which rarely happens since I leave so early) and were extra sweet and loving, giving me lots of hugs and kisses as I got ready for work. Dave and Colt both told me Happy Birthday as I was leaving the house that morning, it made the day start off perfect. Audra stopped by my classroom with a birthday gift and hug, my dad dropped by with a coffee and a Nordstrom gift card, a couple of my teacher friends put together a basket full of "30" gifts. I got home and Dave and the boys had an apple-pecan waffle with a candle in it waiting for me. The waffle was beyond amazing and I also had my choice of coffee, water, or a smoothie to go with it. The boys and I stayed home the rest of the day relaxing, playing outside a bit, and being crafty. I even got a short nap that afternoon. Throughout the day I was overwhelmed at the amount of phone calls, texts and facebook messages that were sent my way. So many people just letting me know they care and it really made my day! Colt had AWANA this evening so we stopped by Dave's office to do our weekly cleaning and then dropped Colt off at the church. Dave, Jax and I had plans to go to Sweet Basil Pizzeria for dinner but when we got there it was closed for a private party and I was so dissapointed. We drove around for a bit to try and decide where to go, we passed the Marcus Whitman and Dave suggested going in there. They have a smaller lounge area with a smaller menu and the food was delicious. Jax was awesome throughout the meal and it was really fun, even better that the pizza place and such a nice treat. By the time we were done it was time to get Colt so we picked him up and then headed home for dessert!
 We had to change into our pajamas first!
 Dave calls me "Princess" and it's kind of started to be a joke in our family and among some of our friends. I laughed so hard when I saw the cake he had got me. I am sure the person writing on it thought it was for a 5 year old. I had told him I wanted a Dairy Queen blizzard cake so he got me a cookie dough cake. It was the perfect dessert!
Colt loves to help blow out the candles. 
We all had a yummy piece before the kids went to bed. Then Dave and I enjoyed another hour laying on the couch relaxing before bed. It was a perfect day and just the way I wanted to spend my 30th birthday. I am so looking forward to this year, I have honestly been looking forward to turning 30, the 20's were awesome and I think the 30's will be even better. I love the place I am at in my life right now, I love my growing family, I love getting to stay home with my boys for most the day and most importantly I love the fact that for the first time in my life I have been able to put my trust completely in God's hands. That alone feels pretty amazing.  Thank you to all who called, texted or emailed, the comments were truly appreciated and made me feel so loved. A special thank you to Dave and my little boys, as always you made the day awesome and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.
I almost forgot, these were delivered this afternoon and they are from my sweet grandma Milly!! Thanks Grandma for the beautiful flowers, they made my day that much better!


Tabaitha Kaye said...

Happy Birthday! So sweet of the men in your life to make it extra special.

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

Sounds like the BEST day!! Loved the ice cream cake--only David would do that...too funny!!1

The Keatts Family said...

All I asked for from Andy for my birthday this year was an Oreo blizzard cake and it was delicious! So funny that you wanted a Blizzard cake too. I wonder if they make fun of us at man group... :) An ice cream cake was Rachelle's request for Vday this year. Gotta love DQ!

LeAnne McGahuey said...

You look simply amazing for 30! Happy Belated Birthday! ;)