Monday, February 21, 2011

A fun time with good friends.

I had a 5 day weekend this past week, it was awesome and so nice not to have a schedule for a couple days. We spent some time in Kennewick so I could get my hair done from Dave's sister Kenzie. In attempt to make my life even a little more simpler I went back to my original color. With only working part time this year spending money on my hair is not a priority and my roots were starting to look bad. Kenzie was the one that suggested it and I love it! Then we headed home because the Price family was coming to visit for 3 days!
Jax and Brody (2.5) eating a little morning snack while waiting for Dave to cook breakfast.
 Julie and I have been friends since my sophomore year of college, she was a freshman and we played volleyball together at Central. We hit it off right away and eventually lived together my last two years of college and have stayed close since. Her husband Chris and Dave are good buddies too and funny enough we all have boys so far (she has 3).
 Jules and Crew (4.5) snuggling on the couch.
 Dave and I arguing over how to cook breakfast. Well really he was doing it and I was probably getting in his way trying to clean up after him.:) Julie made us act nice and take a picture.
 As always Julie had to buy all the boys little presents while she was here, she loves spoiling them. She bought some puzzles and 5 nerf axes that lasted about 10 minutes with our destructive kids.
 Brodes working on his puzzle.
 On Saturday Dave and Chris took the older 3 kiddos up to Tollgate to go sledding. Julie and I stayed home with Jax and Kyler and did some shopping and of course got candy at Brights.
 Colt and Crew were such great buddies all weekend long. They loved playing together and really did get along well.
Chris and Crew.
 Brody ended up not liking the sledding too well and Chris was feeling a little sick so Dave ended up taking Colt and Crew sledding by himself while they stayed in the truck.
 By the time they got home Chris was pretty miserable. We had planned a night out with the adults and I had even gotten a couple babysitters but we had to cancel.
So Julie and I decided to take Colt and Crew to the movies instead, we got Papa Murphy's for dinner and then got our comfy clothes on and headed to the movies. It was nice to be able to get the older kids out of the house and the younger ones went to bed shortly after we left.

I love this picture of Crew (all these photos are courtesy of Julie).
On Sunday the sun came out so after another delicious breakfast prepared by Dave (I love that he does ALL the cooking when we have guests) everyone headed outside to play in our yard. I had to go to church since I was teaching that day so everyone else got to play.

 Kyler (16 months).
Sweet little boy and Jax and him played really well together.
 Love this picture of Jax and Dave.
 Alot of wrestling went on this weekend, that is only to be expected with 5 boys under 5 in the house!
 The little boys loved the alpacas!
Later that night I was able to get another babysitter and we put all the kids except Crew to bed and headed out to the Red Monkey for a delicious dinner and then The Blue for some gambling. It was nice to get away from the kids and just have time for ourselves, though by 10:30 both Julie and I were ready to go home and crawl in bed. It was a very fun weekend and so nice to hang out with friends. To be honest it was ALOT less crazy than I thought it was going to be. The kids all got along really well for the most part and we had enough activities to keep them entertained so they didn't get into too much trouble. Thanks for making the drive Price family, I know its not a fun being in the car for 7 hours with 3 little boys but we are so glad you came!!


ShutUpandRun said...

LOVE the pictures and happy birthday to you!!!

The Price Family said...

We were so happy we did end up coming too! Your right it was WAY less crazier than I would have thought, and it was nice to get out of the house quite a few times to break up the days.
So funny when I started reading this post, I was like wow I swear I took that picture...then I figured it out, you used my pictures off my camera that I left there, ha ha! Can't wait to have that thing back! Thanks for such an amazing weekend, it always goes way too fast.