Friday, January 25, 2008

7 months

Remember the boppy that was Colt was always in when he was little.....
I think he has outgrown it now!
He was so happy today (what else is new?)
Working on his crawling.....
"Hi Mom"
Colt is 7 months old today, he is right about 30 inches and just under 20lbs. He is rolling everywhere, is rocking back on his hands and knees and can pull his knees under him from a laying down position. Everyday when I pick him up from the babysitter Joyce says to me “he came really close to crawling today.” I told her that if she sees him crawl before me I am going to be really upset! He has started sleeping on his tummy a lot now, he rolls onto it at night and when I go in to get him in the morning he is looking up at me from his tummy. He also likes to play in his crib in the morning, I can here him cooing and moving around and he will do that until we come and get him. He likes to try to grab the crib rail and try to pull himself up but he is not strong enough yet to figure that out. Also, I have to put this because Dave told me I should. He says dada now, the other day Dave and I both pick him up at the daycare. Dave picks him up and he grabs his face and says dada dada. Dave got all excited about it and was so proud but Joyce and I were both pretty skeptical that he really knew what he was saying especially because he has been blabbering a lot lately. Well I now believe Dave because even though he does say it a lot even when Dave is not around, when Dave is holding him and talking to him Colt will grab his face and say it over and over again. It is the cutest thing. Now we just have to work on mama!!

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All of us said...

hey there....the other day madi said "maaaaa maaaa" Everyone doubt that she really can say it but in my mind she did.....Dave, I feel ya brother!!!!