Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve: The reason for the season

After we got done opening a few presents Memah brought out the costumes she had ordered for the play. Dave had often told me that when they were younger they would act out the Christmas Story every Christmas Eve. Dave's mom decided this year we would start that tradition again and she ordered costumes for everyone! It was so much fun and a great reminder of why we really celebrate Christmas.
Joseph and Mary.

 Dave was the reader as well as a donkey.
 Case was baby Jesus and he was the best little baby Jesus ever! He basically just laid quietly in the manger with big eyes looking at all of us like we were crazy.

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Tabaitha said...

I love it! My parents always read the story of Jesus' birth before opening presents, but now that they have grandkids, they were trying to think of something fun and to help them truly understand the meaning of Christmas so we decided next year the grandkids will dress up and act out the story.