Friday, April 2, 2010

10 more weeks....

........until summer vacation! 
Can't wait to spend every moment with my boys!
Spring break is over and I am on the countdown for summer. This break was not at all what I had imagined. I had plans for park playdates, morning runs with the boys, coloring easter eggs, organizing their warm weather clothes, spring cleaning, baking, cooking and lots of other fun ideas. Then I got sick. It started Sunday when I woke up with a sore throat and felt kind of achy all day, Monday was the same thing so after track practice I ended up taking a nap with Colt and sleeping the rest of the day. Tuesday I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus, Colt and Jax both woke me up before 6 and I laid on the floor and turned on the television to entertain them and see if I could sleep a bit more. I didn't sleep but I did get in the shower and when I got out about 8 I started to feel better. I thought to myself, maybe I just need to sweat this out so I loaded the kids up on the stroller and went running, WORST IDEA EVER!! I thought I was going to die, I was coughing and breathing so hard and my chest and lungs were on fire. It was everything I had to finish the 3 miles and get home. I still went to track practice then came home and took another nap with the boys. That night we had plans to go to Kennewick to celebrate Dave's 30th birthday with his family. It was the only day that was going to work and I felt bad canceling so I loaded up on cold medicine and off we went. The night was fun but by the time I got home and crawled into bed I was chills and my entire body ached.
I slept terrible that night and woke up feeling even worse.However, since Dave was going into work and my parents were out of town that meant I was with the kids all day. I tried to make the best out of a horrible situation, there were moments I felt so terrible I wanted to cry but I didn't. I got us situated in our bed with lots of books and movies. The problem was my throat hurt to talk and talking led to coughing which resulted in my throat hurting even worse. After awhile I finally just turned on a movie. Jax did take a nap in the morning and I turned on Clifford for Colt and slept for an hour. I made it through lunch time and then put both boys down for an afternoon nap. Colt threw the biggest fit in the world (which I attribute to the fact that I basically did nothing with him all day) but once I got him settled down he fell asleep and so did I (right next to him). By evening I was starting to feel better but still slept terrible that night. Thursday I woke up feeling a lot better, I even suggested we go out to breakfast together and do something fun before Dave went into work. We went and got some breakfast and then I took the kids out to my parents to play for awhile. Later that afternoon Dave suggested us taking Colt to the movie "How to Train your Dragon." Dave had been telling Colt for awhile that he would take him when it came out in theaters, the only problem was it was not in the theater in Walla Walla. So we decide to drive over to Pasco and watch it there, we dropped Jax off with Dave's mom and met Andy and Camryn at the theater. The movie was awesome, it was in 3D too which made it even better. Colt loved it and now all he talks about is flying his dragon and fighting with his sword.
This morning I woke up not feeling that great again. I still have a really bad head cold and cough. Both the boys woke up with nasty coughs this morning. I know I probably need to just stay home and rest but all I have done all week is stay at home and I wanted to use some of my time off to at least have fun with the boys. We did build a fort this afternoon and all 3 of us sat in the fort and read books and Colt brought his bow inside and would pretend to save us from the crocodiles and lions that were outside the fort. My boys are fun! Looking forward to the weekend, Marni is coming and we have a fun Easter planned (hopefully I am feeling better and no one else gets sick).


Tabaitha Kaye said...

Cute pics of the boys! I'm ready for summer to get here too.

Michelle said...

I hear your pain! I have felt it all week too. I feel so guilty because the boys and I really haven't done anything other than sit around and veg. I have felt so WORN DOWN!
But, it is especially hard with little ones. Don't beat yourself up, and just count those weeks until summer. :) Have a fabulous Easter weekend!

The Price Family said...

Care I am so sad that we barely got to talk very much over break :( I can't believe how sick you were, that totally sucks. You work so hard, and don't feel guilty for not doing the things you thought you would have. The boys just love being with YOU and that is all that matters. Hopefully we can talk more this week. Love you!