Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bow Hunter in Training

If someone would have asked me when Colt was born how old I thought he should before he got his first bow I would have said six.
But here he is at 2.5 shooting his bow and doing it better than alot of six year olds! He got a bow for Christmas from his Poppi and he mastered that very quickly, it was also a play bow and he used it so much that eventually all the arrows broke and we could never find any to replace it without having to buy a brand new bow. Last time we were in Kennewick he was talking about it so much that Dave's dad took him back to Ranch and Home and picked him out another bow, only this one is real. Real bow, real arrows, real dangerous!! Well, not really dangerous but this is not one that he gets to keep inside! Dave is really good about teaching him safety and making sure he is safe while shooting it, which I guess is all I can ask for.
Dave has gotten really into archery too so he has a couple fake targets (a turkey and coyote). When we get home at the end of the day Colt always tells me he wants to go shoot the turkey.
The kid is a decent shot too and he loves it! It is really all he talks about and what he wants to do everyday!

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