Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

We went over to my parents on Saturday to dye Easter eggs. Colt was very excited about this and wanted to do all of it himself. My mom let him put all the tablets in the bowl and then pour the water, vinegar, lemon juice etc. into each bowl. He is really into organized activities like this lately and it is fun to get to do it with him.
 He really did a good job and kept telling me to look at his eggs. I couldn't believe how clean he was overall. He is such a messy kid and I figured he would have that dye all over the place but he listened really well to my mom and was very careful. He had so much fun!
Jax enjoyed his favorite activity of eating puffs and people watching (or should I say Colt watching).
Can't believe he will be 3 in June. He seems so grown up and mature. It makes me sad but on a happier note I love that I no longer have to change his diapers!!

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