Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

After our brunch we headed outside so Colt could do a little Easter egg hunt. He had no competition today and I think he enjoyed that. He had a lot of fun!
My mom had made egg hunt signs with the numbers 1-9 on them. My dad, Marni and Dave placed them around my parents house outside and around each sign they put that number of eggs. So at this sign Colt had to find 5 eggs. He had fun counting the eggs too. It was a neat idea and made it that much more exciting for Colt.
Marni being the ultra competitive person she is put some of the eggs she hid in tough spots that Colt couldn't even see, so she had to do some lifting so he could reach all the eggs.
Jax enjoyed sitting on the grass and watching. Next year he will be right in on the action.
 Colt's easter basket full of ALOT of eggs. He found every one of them!
 Jax was all about crawling after the eggs and trying to smash them with his hands. We finally had to give him the plastic ones.
 What baby doesn't put EVERYTHING in their mouth.

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