Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Dave!

Dave turned 30 today. 
I had some fun little surprises planned that I was going to be working on over Spring break and then I got sick and as the week progressed I got sicker and sicker. Anyway, the fun surprises didn't happen but I hope he still knows how much I love my 30 year old husband and that he doesn't look a day over 29 to me! He has struggled a bit with turning 30, I think he feels like his carefree days are over. Now he is stuck with a wife, 2 kids and a mortgage. I reminded him that he has been stuck with the wife and mortgage since he was 22 but that didn't seem to help the situation. Dave has done a lot in 30 years, alot more than most 30 year olds. He bought our first house, sold that house, moved to Walla Walla, started his own business from the ground up (literally), bought another house and became a father X 2!! He is an amazing husband, father and friend.
Happy Birthday you old fart!

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