Friday, April 30, 2010

Jax : 11 months

 It's almost May and that means in just one more month my baby will be 1!! I am fairly certain he will not be walking by that time so that will make him feel like my baby for just a little longer. For some reason when I think of Jax being 1. I always associate it with the fact that it means he will no longer be a baby. I know some people look forward to their kids being older, I struggle with it. In fact if I could I would make the first year of a babies life last 2 years. I love the newborn sleepy snuggles, 2 month smiles, nursing all day and having him be completely dependent on me! I am still nursing him, I am going to stop when he turns 1 and can have whole milk but I just can't give it up. Even with the crazy track and work schedule I have had for the past 2 months I have not been able to force myself to give it up. Nursing him means he can't be gone very long without me and I love that feeling. The last month has gone by incredibly fast and poor Jax has been sick for pretty much the entire time. He has had colds, fevers and as of recently a double ear infection that is not giving up easily. He has not been his usual happy self which has been hard on everyone. Hopefully as summer approaches he will start feeling better. Here are some pictures and what Jax is up to right now:
  • drinking from a sippy cup (I will try and wean him right to a sippy cup by about one year)
  • crawling (finally on all FOURS!!)
  • eating only table food (I would put his favorites but he has yet to turn anything down, even Colt was pickier than this!)
  • pulls himself up to stand
  • gives big, open mouth kisses when I ask for them.
  • Responds to his name and knows the word "no"
  • Says " Da Da, Ma Ma, Ball,  and Uh Oh"
  • points to things
  • Loves to be held and snuggled (especially from his mommy)
  • two naps a day (about 2 hours each) and sleeps from 7:30-6ish.
  • wearing 12-18 month clothing and size 3 diapers
  • loves to hold, throw and play with balls
  • laughs at Colt and loves to be silly
  • had his first ear infection (at the doctor's office he weighed 22lbs 14oz and 30 inches )
  • loves bath time and night-time snuggles in the rocking chair with mommy.


Marni said...

I wished he didn't grow up so fast either because I feel like I have barely gotten to see or spend time with him as a baby. He is soo delicious though!

Rach said...

He is so cute. I cant believe that he is almost a year old already. They really do grow so stinking fast.