Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Colt woke up on Sunday morning and went outside to see that the Easter bunny had brought him a new sword and Jax some new balls. Ever since we went and saw "How to Train a Dragon" he has been telling us he wants his own sword.
Daddy wanted one too but he had to settle for Colt's bat. Colt now wants to bring the sword EVERYWHERE!! He started crying when I told him that he couldn't bring it to his babysitters on Monday (trust me Heather you would have killed me!).
Jax loved his gift. Three balls that fit perfectly in his hands. He was thrilled!
He kept looking at the balls in his hand and then at the football between his legs and squealing because he didn't know how to pick them all up at the same time.
My boys and their toys.
We went to church and my parents and little sister joined us their. It was awesome, Pastor Brad gave a great sermon this year and I was so happy to have my family with me! Afterwards we headed over to my parents for brunch. Marni got both Colt and Jax easter outfits but this is the only picture I got of Colt in the outfit.
Jax loved the eggs too!
We had Easter brunch with my parents and Marni. My mom prepared a ham, egg casserole, sourdough blueberry pancakes, fruit tray and the yummiest cinnamon rolls ever! It was so tasty and so much fun.
These were the centerpieces.
My mom gave one to each of us as we left, it had a hard boiled egg in it that Colt had dyed and then a chocolate bunny from Brights Candy.
My dad surprised my mom with an Easter basket. It was pretty cute, he had all sorts of little things in there that my mom always uses. It was such a nice morning getting to go to church with my entire family and then spend the rest of the morning together. I wish I would have felt better so I could have enjoyed it a little more but I know the boys had fun!

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