Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something in common...

Both of these boys love the outdoors and love to throw, catch, shoot and kick balls around. I have a feeling this is something we will be doing a lot of this summer!
The weather here has been beautiful this week! It supposed to hit 80 in the next couple days which has been great for my attitude. It's light in the early morning and since I have been feeling better this week I have been getting up at 5 and going on a run. It's amazing how much being sick has taken out of me, I feel so weak when I am running but I know it will come back soon. Marni and I have some half marathons already on our plate for next fall and Dave and I have a triathlon this summer in Chelan so its never too early to start training! We are all just about over this nasty bug that hit our house for 3 weeks, Dave is the only one still feeling kind of yucky but he never complains about it and the only way I can even tell he doesn't feel that great is that we go to sleep at the same time each night. The kids have hardly been to daycare in the past 3 weeks between spring break, sickness and then our babysitter was on vacation for 3 days this week. This is their first full day back since March! Dave's mom came over on Monday and Tuesday, stayed the night with us and watched the kids during the day and cooked and cleaned for us in the evening. I am seriously ready to have her move in with us, it was beyond amazing to come home after working all day at 6:00 and dinner was ready (and a delicious dinner at that) and then after dinner she would clean everything up! For 2 days it was pure wonderful, and then she left and we all miss her! My mom stayed with the boys yesterday and they had a wonderful time with her as well. The weather was really nice yesterday so they got to play outside alot and Colt loves that! We are so grateful that our kids have such great grandparents that are willing to help us out even when its not always convenient for them.
I have about 6 weeks left of track, I love coaching but it is exhausting and I am looking forward to spending more time with my boys. Only 40 teaching days left and I am counting down every single one of them. I like my job, I just like my kids more! It will be much easier when they are in school all day and I know I am not missing out on so much of them. We have some fun trips lined up for summer, a beach trip in June for my Dad's 70th birthday with ALL of my sisters and nieces. Then a 2 week trip to Chelan in July, the first week with Dave's family (we will miss Travis though!), we rented a huge house with a pool and enough rooms for everyone. Colt and Cam are going to have a blast, those two fight like brother and sister but they also love each other and talk about each other non-stop! Then at the end of that trip Dave, Andy, Katie and I are going to do the Chelan sprint triathlon. The following day we will meet up with our good friends from college and their families. Their are only 4 families this year (we will miss the Kerlee's!!) so we rented 2 condos next to each other in Chelan. We are so lucky that we get to do these things, the memories are always amazing!
40 days and counting!!


Marni said...

I love my nephews!

The Price Family said...

I love them more :) Jk. I wish I saw them more often, Care we really need to try to make the end of Memorial Day weekend work. Talk to Jess :)