Saturday, August 16, 2008

South Fork bike ride

Colt spent the night with my mom and dad last night, they really missed him since they had not seen him in 2 weeks. Dave and I had the night to ourselves, which was so relaxing for both of us. We watched the Olympics, went to DQ for freezes and went to bed late knowing we would not have to wake up early. This morning we decided to go mountain biking on the South Fork of the Walla Walla. We have been hiking there many times and Dave has rode his bike on the trail but I never had. It was fun but it was also some serious mountain biking. Lots of rocks, very narrow trails and lots of hills. Here's the order of the events: 1. Bike riding up hill we see a rattle snake and sneak past quickly 2. Continue riding and slam on breaks as a HUGE rattlesnake was laying across the path (at this point I was thinking we should just turn around) it slithered away so we continue on. 3.Dave is going down a VERY steep hill with nothing but a cliff next to him, his bike gets caught on a rock and goes over the edge along with Dave. Lucky for Dave there was a big tree in his way so he grabbed onto that and was able to pull himself back up to the trail. The bike was fine and so was Dave (he does have quite a few scrapes and bruises ALL OVER his body though). 4. Now its my turn to fall, I am going up and down these hills with all these rocks and my pedal catches on one and down I go. I fell right on top of my right shin and my entire shin is scraped up and has a huge bruise on it that is pretty swollen. 5. We continue on and then right in front of me is a freshly dead rabbit. I scream and Dave mentions something about maybe a cougar killed it. 6. We turn around and head back to the car.
We made it back in one piece and it really was a fun way to get out of the house and exercise. Next time I think I just want to stick to the roadways though!


Lil' Jay & Family said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. Whose idea was it to go on that trail? I hope you both recovery from the scrapes and brusies. You'll have quite the story to tell Colt one day! Take care

The Price Family said...

YOU ARE NUTS, but I already called to tell you how crazy you are for doing such a thing. We went to my mom's for lunch today and right when I walked in she said "you better tell Carolyn that she should have turned around right after they saw the 1st snake" which is exactly what I told you earlier.
Glad you got to experience it, now you can just think of it as that, and NEVER do it again :)

All of us said...

what are you two doing....trying to kill yourselves. It is pretty halarious. I can hear Carolyn...Glad you made it back in one piece.