Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bath Time

Getting ready for his bath. Looks at those cute buns!
He loves to turn the shower on, luckily I had turned the water off just in time.
Quick smile for the camera.
All clean and rocking Hank the Tank in his chair.
Every night before bed we do the same routine. He gets a bath around 6:00 and then around 6:30 I get him a warm cup of milk and we sit in this chair and rock and read a book before bed. He is usually asleep by 7:00. His favorite books are the ones with animals in it. He has gotten very good at saying the animals names and then telling me the sound they make. He can say: dog-woof, kitty (titty)-meow, monkey (can't say it but can make the sound) - ahahah, cow-moo, horse-neigh, and duck. He is also starting to get really good at imitating what we say and he is still using his sign language quite a bit but is getting a lot more verbal. He has started to say Mama a lot lately and I love hearing him say it, he only says it directly to me which makes me so happy!! He loves to give hugs and blow kisses to EVERYONE he sees. He also has started to pucker his mouth when he gives kisses, Dave is glad because he hated all those open mouth kisses with all that slobber:)


All of us said...

7:00 pm.I am lucky if I can get Madi onto be before 9:30....but she has been sleeping through the night. I hope i didn't just jinx it. :-0
He is so cute.

The Mac Attack said...

Ok so you have inspired me and I have begun blogging again. I cant believe how busy you have also been but I guess thats what summers are for right. I always look forward to cross country season because it forces us to be home.

Rattle Snakes so scarey I think I would have turned around right away.

Colt is getting so big and his little buns are so cute!

So glad to be back with both of us posting again.

Conlin Family said...

Wow, I have had alot of catching up to do on your blog! It looks like you have been really busy. Colt is getting so big and I LOVE the picture of him winking. His naked bum is cute too!
Thanks for the compliment about just gaining weight in my doesn't feel that way! This pregnancy has been pretty easy so far though so no complaining from me.
When does school start for you?

The Mac Attack said...

it was fun texting tonight. Drive safe tomorrow. So speaking of my new phone I'm using it right now to post a comment. Can't wait to see you soon.

McP Family said...

schools back in session, we may not see Care for a while. It's okay Care if you can't blog often, we undestand, working, wifing, take alot of time. Love you, Miss you