Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

We decided to get away for Labor Day weekend and drove up to Tollgate and stayed with our good friends Audra and Brent at there cabin. They had 4-wheelers and Dave and Colt wanted to do nothing all weekend but ride those!
Colt loved every second of it and cried when I made him get off. I was not too sure about him being on them because he had no helmet and he is too little. Dave assured me he had it under control and went really really slow and did not go more than 100 yards from the cabin.
While Dave and Brent took the 4-wheelers for a ride; Audra, Colt and I played in the sand next to the lake. Audra was teaching Colt how to throw bread to the ducks.
Colt and Mom.
The weather was so great at the cabin, it was cool the entire time and you needed a sweatshirt and long pants on to stay warm. I love the fall weather. Now if it would hurry up and come to Walla Walla, its still in the high 80's here!
Colt is so intrigued with bats and sticks right now so I bent down to grab it for him before he toppled in himself!
The perfect stick to hit people with:) That stick kept him entertained for at least 30 minutes!
Audra was trying to clean Colt up after the fun with the stick and he was not too happy about it!
It was fun to get away for the weekend and hang out with good friends. We had not seen them all summer because they had spent the summer backpacking Europe! The cabin where we stayed is Audra's dad and its more of a lodge than a cabin. It sleeps 22 people and they just finished building it last November. It was beautiful and so relaxing!

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