Thursday, September 25, 2008

15 months

Colt is 15 months old and growing and learning new things every day. He is soooooo much fun to have in our lives and we are enjoying every minute that we get to spend time with him.
Dave and him have a pretty special relationship, once Dave gets home from work Colt wants to do nothing but crawl all over him. They have this little routine of going upstairs together while Dave changes out of his work clothes, then they play with his football (Dave taught him how to "go long") and Colt runs away from him then turns around to try and catch the ball (which sofar he still can not catch very well). Dave also taught him how to do the "stiff arm," high five, and give knuckles:) After dinner when I am cleaning up Colt will come in and point to the freezer over and over again until I get him a popsicle, he then takes it to Dave and they share a popsicle together every night.
He is getting really good at following directions, he knows how to throw things away, he knows how to put his dirty diaper in the diaper genie, he knows where to find his toothbrush and then will put it back when he is done brushing his teeth. I have taught him where to put his milk when he is done drinking it, so now everytime I give him a sippy cup he will take a drink and then put it down on this little shelf, go play, and then come back and take another drink, put it back on the shelf and the process starts all over again. He is also getting much better at cleaning up his toys but that is still a work in progress. He also loves shoes and he knows which shoes belong to who. If I ask him to bring me my shoes he will go grab my tennis shoes, if I ask him to bring me his shoes he will go pick out a pair of his shoes and bring them to me. I can't believe what kids learn at such a young age!
In the evening when I ask him if he wants to take a bath he will nod his head and then run to the stairs and turn around to make sure I am following him. Then when we get in the bathroom I always turn the water on and then put my hand under the water to check the temperature, Colt has started doing that too. Its so funny, he puts his hand under the water and then nods his head like "yep that's about right."
He has had a cold pretty much since I went back to work because that's when he went back to daycare. I think its cleared up and then another one comes! I caught some type of bug this past Sunday and have been pretty sick this week, I ended up losing my voice on Tuesday and we had open house that night for school. I am sure the parents were wondering why I was even there:) I am starting to feel better but looking forward to the weekend so we can just rest and hopefully start feeling better. I take Colt to his 15 month check-up on Monday so the doctor can look at him there and decide if he needs medicine to fight this cold. I really feel like its just a cold, he has been in a good mood for the most part and sleeping really well so it does not seem to bother him too bad.
All right its almost 9:00 and Grey's Anatomy is on tonight, I will probably not stay awake for the entire show (its 2 hours long!!) but I am recording it so I will have a good show to watch tomorrow night after Colt goes to sleep! If you are as addicted to blogging as I am and get a chance go on over to My Charming Kids blog, she is a mom with 3 kids and one on the way all under 4! Its so entertaining and something fun to do when your husband's stuck in front of the television watching USC play Oregon State!

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Conlin Family said...

It really is amazing what they do and how much they learn at that age. He's so cute and sounds like he has such a fun personality! I really enjoy reading your blog.. you are such a detailed writer.
I hope you are both feeling better!

Take Care!