Saturday, September 20, 2008

Evening without Dad

Dave has been gone fishing with my dad since Thursday so its just Colt and I. We have had lots of fun but have stayed close to home since we are both sick!! We spent most of the day Saturday at my mom's and let her take care of us:) When we came home we played a little bit before Colt's bedtime.
We got these blocks for him last spring, so far the only thing he really loves about them is dumping them out of the bag and leaving them all over the house.
Tonight he actually sat down and played with them for a little while, and then he HELPED me put them back in the bag! He is getting better about putting things away and we have really been working with him on cleaning up after he is done playing. Not that I am holding my breath on this, I mean after all he is a BOY!!

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McP Family said...

Madi has those same blocks (only in girl colors - pink, white, etc). Her favorite thing is to dump them out and destroy any type of sturcture I build. But hey, it keeps them entertained.