Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to School!

It's been awhile! I bet you can all tell that I am back to working and no longer enjoying my summer break:( We have been back to school for 3 weeks now and I feel like those wonderful 8 weeks off never happened. We have picked back up our busy schedule of getting up early, dropping Colt off at daycare, working all day, picking Colt up from daycare, fixing dinner, eating dinner, giving Colt a bath and storytime, putting Colt to bed and then running around the house trying to clean, do laundry, or work on school stuff for the next day and finally falling into bed and falling fast asleep until we do it all over again!
My school year has started off fantastic, I have a great group of classes this year and feel like I have the best group of kids that I have ever had since I started teaching 6 years ago. I teach a 6 period day but I only teach 5 classes since one of those periods is my planning period. I do not have one bad class and that is unusual as I usually have at least 1 that challenges me and most years 2! I was really not looking forward to going back to work but the transition has gone really smoothly and the students remind me why I like being here at work everyday!
Colt has done well going back to daycare, he cried when we dropped him off for the first 2 weeks but he has gotten better this last week. He sure is excited when we pick him up though, he comes running at us and immediately starts blowing Joyce (she is our daycare provider) "kisses goodbye." He is so cute with his kisses, he knows that when he gets in trouble if he gives us a kiss we will forgive him. So the minute we get mad at him he looks at us and puckers up his lips to give us a kiss. The other day he was playing with his bat and hit the wall with it. Dave looked at him and told him no and he immediately went over to the wall and gave it a kiss:) Too cute! He knows how to kiss now, he puckers up those lips and make the smooching sound and he also loves to blow kisses to random people he sees while we are out and about. He has started to become a little more picky about what he is eating, my theory is if he does not eat what I put on his tray then he just will not eat:) I do make sure he is eating so I always be sure to give him foods that he likes but I try to throw new things on his tray too so he will get used to eating what is in front of him. He has thinned out alot over the past 2 months, I think most of that has to do with the fact that he never stops. From the minute he wakes up until naptime he is moving NON-STOP, he always takes a really good nap though and is then running around non-stop until bedtime. Its no wonder he is getting skinny:) He is also very tall for his age, I can tell when he is around other kids his age because he is always the tallest one. He loves to play outside with his trucks, bat and ball. The other night I had put his truck and train pajamas on him and he ran over to Dave and would point to the truck on his pj's and go "vroom vroom" then he would point to the train and go "woo woo" and make the motion with his hand. This morning I was taking off his pajamas and they have a lion on the chest he points to it and goes "roar." The age he is at right now is so cute and I just laugh at him daily at all the little things he is doing and discovering. It is so fun to watch him grow!
Besides Colt everything with the parents is going well. Dave's work is doing very well, he is loving that football season is here and parks himself on the couch all day on the weekends. He has two fantasy leagues he is in right now so he is always watching to see how he is doing. He also just got an electric guitar and is determined that he will learn how to play that during the football game commercials this season. Colt loves listening to him play and of course wants to help so if anything it will keep Colt busy while he is watching football:)
I had a minor surgery on a mole on my leg this past month. I had noticed a mole that I had always had was changing color so I went and got it looked at. The doctor did not think it was anything but I went ahead and got it removed. Turns out there was some pre-cancerous cells growing in it, I had to go back in and have a nice size chunk taken out of my leg. It required 26 stiches but I am as good as new! I will be taking a lot of precaution for the rest of my life as far as laying out in the sun and just being proactive about any other suspicious moles. I will be posting some pictures within the next day so check back soon!


The Mac Attack said...

Welcome back!! Im gald that everything is going so well. I bet Colt was so sad that you guys were leaving him in the mornings again. I love that he is blowing kisses. We are trying to teach Mae that but she doesnt quite get it.
Im glad you got your mole checked out. And that everything worked out ok. Just out of curiosity is it the same leg as the burn? If so now that leg has a ton of personality. Love Ya!!!

Misty said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you I'll be in WW a couple times in case you want pictures done and don't want to drive up here. ;)

Glad things are going well at school! It's still weird to me to think of you (and I think a couple of my old classmates) teaching at Wa-Hi. It still exists in a bubble in my mind where nothing changes. lol

Conlin Family said...

That's great that you have such good classes this must make it so much easier to go to work everyday. It's so fun that Colt gets so excited when you pick him up from day care and that he blows kisses!
That's scary about your mole. I'm glad that everything is okay now. It makes me wonder if I should get some of mine checked out on my back. I've been wondering for a while and just need to go do it.
I'm glad that you're doing well!
Take Care,

McP Family said...

Hello, sorry I couldn't talk the other day. Madi does have a little bug. She has been crabby too! I am so happy that you have a great class. I'd like to think that you and I are sisters in the "Football Wives Club" - Jason parks it on the weekends too, to watch football. BUt he isn't playing a guitar, which I think I am greatful for. And what is up with you leg. I can't believe there were precancerous cells. These past two years I have been very weary about sun exposure. So much so, that I have pastey skin. I will call and touch bases with you as soon as I get a minute. Tonight, I am taking an hour for myself in yoga -tranquility in the madness that is my life. I love you and miss you. Talk to you soon.