Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Guitar

Dave got a brand new electric guitar recently. He traded it for his dunebuggy that he had been trying to sell forever! I hated that dunebuggy, it was huge, it did not run and it took up SO much space in our garage! So when a guy from a local music shop called Dave and told him he would trade it for a brand new electric guitar I told Dave to go for it! An electric guitar is MUCH smaller than a dunebuggy and now I can park my car back in the garage!Colt and Dave both love it! Dave spends lots of evenings playing around with it (and he's not too bad either) and Colt likes to dance to the music and even likes to play it. He is very careful and does it very gently so Dave does not mind sharing. When they both get tired of it I think I will just put it up for sale. I am sure it will sell much faster than the dunebuggy:)