Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 years!

Dave and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary August 2nd. 5 years has gone by soooo fast!!!! I pulled out all the photos of our engagement, wedding and honeymoon as it seemed like it was just yesterday. It is amazing how young we look and yet it does not seem like hardly any time has passed at all. We have done a lot in our 5 years of marriage. Here's a recap.................
Aug 2, 2003-04: Got married, went on two honeymoons (though the second one was partly work related for Dave), moved into a brand new "starter" home ( I say starter in quotations because we moved into a brand new 3600 square foot house that had never been lived in, Dave tells me it was my wedding present. My thought at the time was "how are we ever going to afford this" but Dave being the business man he was got it at a really good price and the plan was to sell it within 5 years and make some money on it....he was RIGHT!!), and I started my first teaching job at Southridge High School (where Dave graduated from in 1999). We were so happy and in love having so much fun finally getting to live together and be a family. Our house may have been big but we had no furniture, for the first 6 months all we had was a card table and a bed. We spent a lot of our time on the bed:)
Aug 2, 2004-05: Dave's 1st anniversary gift to me was a brand new Subaru Impreza, I was shocked when he pulled into the driveway with my new wheels. We both still had the same job and we were enjoying decorating our house (finally filled with some furniture) and hanging out with friends and each other. We also expanded our family with the addition of two dogs Sam and Lakota.
Aug 2 2005-06: Dave and I decided to start his own business in Walla Walla, I found a teaching job at the high school (where I graduated from in 1999), we sold our house, bought a house in Walla Walla, and then used the money we made from the house to buy some land and build Dave's new business. We also expanded our family once more by adding one more small dog to the mix (Byson was my 25th birthday present). This was a tough year for us, we went through so many changes and there was a lot of stress involved in all of it.
Aug 2 2006-07: Dave opened his business on October 1st and we found out we were expecting on October 27! Colt was born on June 25, 2007. This was probably one of our best years of marriage yet, though it was very stressful with Dave's new business we were both so excited about having a child. I can not think of one time we argued the entire time I was pregnant with Colt:)
Aug 2, 2007-08: I took some time off and did not go back to work until October so I could stay home a little longer with Colt, we had so much fun with him and it was fun to watch Dave interact with his son.
Aug 2, 2008: Today we have been married 5 years. My parents came over to watch Colt and Dave and I had a date night. This is something we have only done probably twice since Colt was born, we really should do it more! We went to dinner and then to the movie the Dark Knight. I look forward to every year that Dave and I spend together. Being married is so wonderful and so much better than dating (for various reasons:))!!
Here are some pics of our early years........
December 26, 2002- Dave asks me to be his wife while we vacationed with my family in Hawaii!!
Enjoying the sun and planning our wedding in Hawaii.
Our honeymoon in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Our "2nd" honeymoon at the Cardinals game in St. Louis Missouri.
1st official Christmas picture.


The Price Family said...

Congrats on 5 years Care, I love your break down of the years, and your little hints.... :) You are such an amazing WIFE, MOM, and FRIEND. Love ya!


Randi said...

Happy Anniversary Care & Dave! I can't believe you guys have been married 5 years - time flies when you're having fun :-) Tony's brother Vince and his now wife Courtney got married last weekend on August 2nd too!
I wish we could have chatted more at our wedding, I miss you lots and love catching up with your life on your blog. Hope to see you or talk with you soon!

All of us said...

I am very happy for you guys. Life has happened so fast... it is hard to belive. These moments are going by faster and faster. It is funny too. the things we used to think were the end of the world or such a big deal, now seem like small beans. Madi has made me realize that.

The Chases said...

You guys look so young! Can you believe what we are going to say in 20 years!? Congrats on 5 years!