Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring time, 32 weeks and baby stuff.

Wow! I can't believe that it's almost April. Spring is definitely here, though sometimes it feels more like winter for the most part the weather has been mild besides the constant rain we have been having. The boys and I have been playing outside a lot, we have even gotten lucky and have been able to eat lunch outside on occasion. We FINALLY got patio furniture, I have been waiting since we got married to have outdoor furniture and after looking at many different types in the stores and not wanting to spend $500+ Dave found an awesome one on craigslist for a great deal. I can't wait to have bbq's and birthday parties this summer. It will be nice to have a place for people to sit.
Colt got this little table from my parents for his 2nd birthday but unfortunately it broke so we are on the lookout for a new one. The boys think its such a treat to have a "picnic" outside. I am looking forward to summer and letting them run around outside more.
This past weekend was my first weekend with no track since we started 4 weeks ago and it was nice to have no agenda and just hang out. Dave took Colt to the archery range for a bit on Saturday and Jax and I went out to my parents to pick up all the baby stuff. I had been storing it at my parents in their basement because we have no storage space at our house. I spent the rest of Saturday washing, organizing and cleaning like crazy, basically I spent the entire day nesting. The nursery is ready, the newborn and 0-3 month baby boy clothes are washed, bumper and sheets are washed, carseat is ready, blankets clean, one pack of newborn diapers bought (I only bought one for now because my babies usually don't need them for that long since they are pretty good size and I hate spending money unless I know I will definitely use them), and 4 binkies picked out by Colt in neutral colors.
Colt and Jax playing with the baby's lovies in the crib.
He/She has two, one from my mom and sister and one from my friend Julie. Both my boys are obsessed with their lovies so I am assuming this baby may be too.
I put the newborn clothes in the dresser for now. I did buy 2 newborn girl onesies, a cute pair of pants and a hat so I have something for the baby to wear home from the hospital if we have a girl. I have tons of boy stuff so I need nothing if we have a boy. My sister and sister-in-law have both already said I can borrow all their girl clothes if we do have a girl so I know either way I am going to have plenty of clothes for this babe. 
Here is the baby at 32 weeks.
I am feeling pretty good, having quite a few contractions throughout the day still and the nausea has set in. I will be honestly really surprised if this baby doesn't come a little early. These are all the same symptoms I had a couple weeks before I went into labor with Jax and he was 3 weeks early.


Mrs. Hutch said...

It must be so exciting to get all the baby stuff out and ready!

mires said...

Do mom's ever post on their daughter's blogs how much they love and adore them? Do they ever brag about what they do that amazes them everyday? Do they want to hug them sometimes just like when they were little girls and tell them everything in their life will be wonderful? Well I am and I do! You are truly my "gift" to me everyday since you came into my life over 30 years ago. Lots of love and hugs sweetie.