Sunday, April 17, 2011

Horseback Rides and Cam's 4th Birthday

We went over to Kennewick today to celebrate Camryn's 4th birthday. First thing we did was go horseback riding!
Cam was thrilled to get on and ride the horse, she was so excited the entire time and by the end she kept asking to go faster and would kick the horse with her boots. She has NO fear!
Colt was really unsure at first, I was actually thinking he may not do it but he got right on the horse and was smiling in a couple of minutes.
Jax was standing on the gate the entire time Cam and Colt were riding saying "ride, ride" over and over. Dave let him pet the horse first before putting him on it.
He seemed to like it pretty well......
....and was all smiles riding around on the horse.
The kids took turns and got to ride the horse 3 times each. They had to wait on the fence when they were not riding. They did a great job listening and waiting their turn.
Side shot of my belly. Baby is getting big!

Waiting their turn!
After horseback rides we went back to Kenzie and Andy's for pizza and cake. The kids opened gifts, ate some food and watched "Tangled".  Happy 4th Birthday Camryn!!

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The Price Family said...

Wow you are BIG!! Ha! I have to say BOY!!! Dak are you ready!?

I didn't know you went took the kids to do that, what cool pictures!