Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our First Garden

 With the nice weather this weekend and this coming week we decided today would be the day to plant our first garden. Colt has been so excited about having his own garden to pick from this summer, he was all about helping and Jax did his fair share too. Dave had built two garden boxes a couple weeks ago and we were just waiting for the weather to warm up so we could plant.
Colt had a shirt on earlier but quickly stripped down in the warm weather and went to work.
After we got all the compost and soil in both boxes we went to work planting.

In the end we planted strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, orange peppers, yellow peppers, jalapeno peppers and cilantro. We wanted to do zucchini and lettuce too but we ran out of room. We have decided that since this is our first year doing a garden we are going to keep it fairly small, if it turns out well and we like it then Dave said he could build more boxes next summer and we could add to it.
 Jax had a lot of fun digging in the dirt, we kept having to tell him to stop playing in the dirt because he kept throwing it all over the yard, he had dirt all over himself. Colt on the other hand kept going inside and changing his clothes every time they got wet or dirty. Dave finally told him he didn't need to change until we were completely done, the kid went through 4 outfits yesterday while we were out there. He is my clean kid for sure and I love it! He is always the first one to pick up crumbs off the floor or let me know when Dave or Jax made a mess without cleaning up first.
So proud of their garden and their hard work.
By 4:00 we were all dirty, tired and ready for a nap! What a fun day, looking forward to the nicer days to come and watching our garden grow!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an extremely attractive husband you have. Not only that but he's a State Farm agent making him....basically the total package. You're a lucky woman!