Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Boy Food!

Colt has been throwing fits lately when I try and feed him his baby food, he either wants what we are eating or he wants to feed himself. I told the doctor this and she told me to start letting him eat more table food. The good thing is he will eat anything, the bad thing is that he is usually covered in food by the time he is done with his meal. I have been cutting up grapes, bananas, pasta, english muffins, string cheese, cooked carrots, etc. and just putting it on his tray. He loves it, he thinks its so great to feed himself. I made macaroni and cheese for dinner and I added his baby food squash to it and fed it to him, he ate A LOT and loved every bite. Little did he know about the veggies that I added to make it more nutritious:) He ate so much that he did not even want a bottle before bed that night! He also finds it hilarious to feed Byson part of his food, I think he likes the way that Byson licks his fingers, it must tickle.
The nice thing is that whatever drops on the floor Byson eats up which saves me from having to sweep the floors myself!

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