Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trip to Aunt Marni's

This week is mommy's and Di Di's spring break so we packed up the car on Saturday and made the trek to Boise. The trip was uneventful for me as I slept for a bit then my mommy kept me entertained with fish crackers. Apparently there was quite a bit of snow during the first part of it but Di Di drove slow and I slept away in my car seat unaware of what was going on outside. We finally arrived around noon at Aunt Marni's house in Boise. I must say she has a BIG house but so nice and comfortable for me to explore.
I started off exploring right away begining with the coffee table...
and then to the windows.....
and back to the floor to play with Herclues and drink a little juice.
However my day was just beginning, the weather was so nice we headed outside for a bit to enjoy the sunshine. I of course had to crawl up all the steps...
and see what these colored things are.
Apparently they are flowers that Di Di was planting at Aunt Marni's house.
I crawled right up to the front porch and pulled myself up. Here I am waving "hi" or "bye" to my mommy. I am not sure which it is but apparently waving is what you do when you want to say hi or bye.
Then mommy decided to put me in the grass, she is so smart I hated the way the grass felt and would not move an inch so that kept me contained for a while.
I still thought it was fun though, mommy can keep me from moving but she can't stop me from having fun!!
On Monday we had to come home and Aunt Marni had to go back to work. We had such a great time I can't wait to come back!!


All of us said...

Marni, your house looks great! I am glad you guys got to spend some time together. Thank heavens for the warmer weather, now we can go outside enjoy the sunshine. Hugs and Kisses

Rachel & Sean said...

Hi Marni Nice House!!!! Im so jelous of the sunshine you got. Hopefully one of these days I'll get to see you again!! Can't waite! Do you think I could do anymore exlamation points?