Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend in Seattle

We were in Seattle this past weekend for my mommy's cousin's wedding. It was loads of fun....except for my cold. I was not feeling too well, mommy took me to the doctor on Thursday and she said it was just a cold so I am doing my best to fight through it. I tried really hard to be happy this past weekend so everyone could still have a good time. Daddy tried to boost my spirits by crawling into my crib with me at the hotel.
Mommy was sure it was going to break but it didn't. Lucky for daddy I only weigh 20 lbs!
We spent lots of time hanging out in the hotel, relaxing and spending time with Aunt Marni, Papa, Di Di and great grandma Milly.
Oh yeah, and daddy let me choose the channel!!


The Price Family said...

Colt has always got his tongue hanging out, love it!

All of us said...

I can't believe Dave got inthe crib with him!!! that is so funny.