Monday, March 10, 2008


We made it home on Sunday night and I enjoyed some time playing with my toys before bed.
I love to make these pop up and then push them back down.
Hmmm...what can I get into next?
Colt finally got his first tooth this past week, he is drooling everywhere so I am thinking there might be a second one coming in very soon as well. He also learned to crawl up the stairs this past weekend, he practiced in Seattle at my Aunt's house and then continued to work at it at Kenzie's house in Kennewick. He is pretty good at going up but does not understand how to get back down. He usually just falls backwards so we have to be quick to catch him:) Track has been going very well, I have taken Colt with me a couple of times, he loves it. I put him in his stroller with his cheerios and he eats the cheerios and has fun as the other kids on the track team love to entertain him. He thinks the boys are so funny, and they love to make faces at him and make him laugh. My mom and dad have been great about taking him after school until Dave and I are done with work and Colt loves to spend time with my dad. When my parents hold there arms out he is always wanting to go to my dad first and if my mom tries to take him he hits her hands away. My dad thinks its so great that he loves him that much! I don't think my mom's feeling are hurt too much by it:) Besides my mom does all the work, feeding, changing, eating, bath time and my dad just plays with him! Overall, things are going well and the adjustment to coaching has gone really well. I miss Colt but when I get to see him its all the more fun!


Rachel & Sean said...

Im glad you finally got to post. It was so fun seeing all the weekend pictures. Yeah Colt got a tooth that is so exciting. Its true I cant believe how fast they grow either. When you come up next we will have to go the park by my house with Mari and Madi so the kids can swing. Hopefully I get some pics up tomorrow if it lets me. Good luck with the second tooth. Miss Ya!

All of us said...

Teeth!!! I guess that means Madi will be soon to follow. Isn't amazing how much drool these guys can produce. It must some kind of magnetic properties cuz everywhere I look I see madilyn drool- on my pants, my shirt, her toys, all over the clothes, carpet, blanket, her socks, and that is just in a 15 minute period...Miss you!!

The Chases said...

Wow! Good for Colt. That is hard work growing teeth!! I love all the pictures of Colt. He just gets cuter and cuter...if that is possible!

Conlin Family said...

I'm glad that Colt enjoys going to track with you and that your parents are such a good help! He's getting so big and I love the picture with his tongue hanging out of his mouth! He's a cutie!