Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dinner Time!

Byson always waits under Colt's chair whenever we feed him, then he picks up all the scraps. Colt has started to eat more regular food, he still has his baby food but we also let him try other things. He really like bread, noodles, olives, animal crackers, cheerios, bananas and many other things. He is not a picky kid. Joyce, his babysitter, has started to feed him waffles with strawberris in the morning and he loves that. He also loves pancakes and of course ice cream but I try to make sure Dave does not give him too much because of the real milk that's in it:)
Colt also likes to give him food when he thinks we are not looking:)
Cheese Mom!
He is getting to be so funny, whenever I pull out the camera now he almost always just looks at me and smiles like he knows that is what he is supposed to do!

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All of us said...

Well hello there stranger... I don't blame you for not posting for a while... I know you are super busy. That bottom picture....Care, I totally see you