Saturday, March 22, 2008

We're Back!

I can't believe its been almost two weeks since I posted any pictures! We have been busy, me with teaching and coaching track. We have had three track meets in the last week and only one of them was at home. Dave had to go to Seattle for business for a couple days and he has been busy with work at the office and taking care of Colt when I am away at track meets! Colt is also very busy, he has been exploring all around our house, my parents house and his babysitters house! He has become very fast at crawling and loves to pull himself up on everything. He is getting so tall which helps him be able to reach things that I did not think he could reach! We are enjoying spending the Easter weekend at home just relaxing and playing as a family. He is still drooling all the time and we are trying to get rid of the last bit of this cold that keeps hanging on. His nose has been runny for over 2 weeks!
I see a lot of Dave in this picture!
He has a hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth. I really should post a picture of what I looked like when I was a baby, my tongue was always like this!

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The Price Family said...

How precious! He is growing so fast, hopefully we can get together again soon. I can't believe how busy you are right now, hopefully things will slow down soon. Have an awesome first Easter with Colt! We are looking forward for Crew to have his first Easter Egg hunt!!

Love ya!