Sunday, March 16, 2008

For Rach

I was tagged by Rachel and since I never got around to answering her last one I will try my best to answer this one. Its kind of fun to read what everyone has been doing.

Here goes.......

20 years ago I was 7 years old and in 2nd grade at Berney Elementary school. I played YMCA basketball and loved to shoot hoops in our gravel driveway outside pretending that every basket was the game winning shot in the state tournament.

10 years ago I was 17, a junior in high school, running track with my best buddies Mari and Rachel and breaking the school record in the 400 meter dash. Since I was in high school I am sure I was probably pretty focused on myself and my close friends and not much else mattered at that moment.

8 years ago I was 20 and I met my husband at Central Washington University (only he did not know he was going to be my husband yet!!). I was playing volleyball and enjoying living in Ellensburg with all of my new friends.

5 years ago I was 22 years old and student teaching at Pioneer middle school in math and preparing for an August wedding to the love of my life.

1 year ago I was 7 months pregnant and coaching track at the high school I teach at. I was trying to stay active during my pregnancy with lots of walking and running and wanting the days to go by quicker so I could meet my son.

Yesterday I spent the day in Richland coaching at an all day track meet. It was a long day and very cold at times. I missed my little boy a lot yesterday! Dave drove me over to Tri-Cities and hung out with his parents and siblings for the day so he did bring Colt by the track meet for about 10 minutes so I could see him but it was too cold for him to stay out there very long.

Today Colt woke me up a little before 8, he was sad and I could tell he was tired still becuase he had not gone to bed till late the night before and had slept very little yesterday. I fed him and then put him in the jogging stroller and went on a LONG run. It felt amazing and put me in a much better mood. Colt and I chatted for the first 15 minutes and then he fell asleep and I enjoyed running with the sun shining and just reflecting on how great my life is right now instead of dwelling on the things I can't change. I get frusterated when I do not have the time to do the things I want to do with Colt because I am working or coaching. It seems like he has been a little fussier than usual this past week and it makes me worry that maybe this crazy schedule we are in right now is making him unsettled. He goes from babysitter, to my mom's and then back to us for about an hour each night then to bed. Then I was gone all day yesterday, its hard being a mom sometimes but I just have to remember to be happy with what God has given me and do the best to make the time I spend with him be wonderful. Today is a blessing because I get to spend the entire day with him and play (and while he naps I will get the housework done:))

Tomorrow is the start of another crazy work week and coaching track. I have two track meets this week on Thursday and Friday but will have the entire next weekend free to spend with Dave and Colt!!

One month from now I will be doing pretty much the same things, coaching track and teaching. Colt will be 9.5 months old and Dave will be 28! Hopefully the weather will be nicer in the evenings so we can take Colt on walks and runs after track practice.

One year from now Colt will be 20 months old! He will probably be walking and maybe starting to talk a little better and hopefully we will have lots of time to play with him and just watch him grow up.

I tag Julie, Tracey and Jess (if you guys have time!)

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Rachel & Sean said...

Thanks Care I love reading about what everyone has been doing and their interpratation of the past. Good luck with another crazy week. I can tell you've been busy cause not so many new posts. But I know that any free time you want to spend it with Colt. Love ya tons and hopefully see you soon.