Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mae and Colt

My good friend Rachel from high school was in town this weekend. She met me at my parents place and we got to catch up and play with our kids. She was really close to my parents as well so it was fun to see her. My mom made us a really good healthy dinner and the kids were great! Colt was trying to share his toy with Mae.
Mae is 4 months and Colt is 8 months. They are 4 months and 5 days apart.
Finally a picture with the mom's!!
I think they make a pretty cute couple don't you???
It was great seeing you Rach and Mae. Can't wait until our next playdate!!


Amanda said...

I think it's really cool that you guys have kids that are so close in age. Another generations of friends!! Those kids are too cute together.

Rachel & Sean said...

Care I had so much fun hanging with you and your parents. It totally felt like old times but just in a new kitchen and with kiddos needing our attention. But I think that it makes it so much more fun. I cant waite to see you again soon and stay tuned I'll be posting my pics today! Love ya!! oh yeah give Colt a hug for me hes such a cutie!

All of us said...

I am so glad you c=guys got to spend some time together. Wish I could have been here. Give you parents a great big hug for me!!! I miss them. Give COlt kisses too.

The Price Family said...

It is so fun to have other kids the same age as yours. I wish that we could get our boys together more often. Colt is growing up so fast. Thanks for all your concern, hopefully today brings good news!!! LOVE YA!