Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jaime and Travis's wedding

After a day of hanging out in the hotel it was time to party at the wedding! The wedding was at a winery in Issaquah and it was beautiful!! Aunt Marni bought me my new outfit and a new pair of shoes!!
Here is the happy couple with the grandma's.
My grandma Di Di with her sisters and mom.
Aunt Marni and her boyfriend Nate.
Hanging out with Papa and Di Di.
I even got to try some food....
I loved the mashed potatoes!!
After a long night I was pooped and ready to go to bed so mom and dad had to leave early, I did not even get to try the cake:(

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The Price Family said...

Great pictures!! It looks like you had fun!! I love the pictures of Dave in the crib, classic. Have fun at track today :)