Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring break over :(

Well my mommy's Spring Break is over and we are headed back to work tomorrow. Mommy is back to teaching and coaching, daddy is back to work (he did not get a spring break) and I am headed back to Joyce's. I sure will miss spending so much time with mommy but I am pretty excited about seeing all my friends at daycare tomorrow. Hope you all enjoyed the posting my mommy has done this past week, you probably will not see another one until next weekend. I am off to bed! Good night!!
P.S. I got another tooth yesterday (daddy's birthday). That makes two teeth for me and mommy can see my top ones trying to break through as well. Lucky for her I have not been too fussy yet!

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Rachel & Sean said...

Love the new page and Im already looking forward to the weekend to see your new post! And Im gonna look at the blog background page and switch mine up so thanks.