Friday, April 4, 2008

Walking with my truck.

I have started to figure out what this truck is actually help me walk!!! I have just started taking small steps with it, before long I will be cruising everywhere with my truck.


Rachel & Sean said...

Hey Care I can't believe how much he is doing now. Walking (with the truck) climbing the stairs, a TOOTH!! Say what? I swear they grow up so fast. Im glad you had a few minutes to post the other day I know your are so crazy busy right now so Im just cherishing every post you do. I'll post some smiling pics soon so stay tuned. Love ya!!

All of us said...

Way to go COlt. One step in front of the other. SO much is happening with you this past month.
Thanks Care for the posts. I know how busy you are. God Bless. I love you guys and miss you. Hopefully we can see you soon.