Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chelan 2009 - Recap

We spent the 1st week of August and took our yearly vacation to Chelan with the Price's, Stacy's, Chase's and Kerlee Family. All of us girls played volleyball together at Central and most of us were roomates at one time. We have kept in touch and try to get together a couple times a year but its hard when we all live in different places! We take turns cooking each night and on Sunday (Dave and I's anniversary) it was our turn. We made chicken, pineapple, onion skewers and steak, mushroom, pepper, onion skewers as well as strawberry pretzel salad and fresh bread. It turned out yummy!
The down side of the trip was that a nasty flu bug went through the entire house and about half of us ended up getting it!! Colt and Dave both got it and were throwing up and sick for an entire day. I had a lesser version of the flu but still did not feel great and of course sleep was almost non-existant when you are taking care of sick kids and you have a newborn that still wakes up at night so I tried to get snoozes when I could. Lucky for us Jax was spared from getting it!!
Colt took a huge liking to Brody for some reason. He would walk around the house with his arm around him or constantly trying to hold his hand. It was pretty funny and cute but I don't think Brody enjoyed it that much!
Colt and Wyatt getting into the cooler.
It seemed like we spent all week telling the kids to stop doing something. We had 5 very active boys running around as well as 2 babies (Jax and Rilyn-who is the only girl of the bunch). They were constantly getting into something or running out the doors away from us!!
Jess was as usual a kid favorite. She always had fun activities to do with them. One night she made ice cream cake and let all the kids help her. Colt was completely in love with her all weekend!!
Before the flu hit too badly we made a trip to the waterslides (I stayed home with Jax). Apparently Dave started right off on taking Colt down the really big slides (no baby slides for him) but he didn't cry.
So proud of himself after going down a big slide!
Jess would take Colt and Wyatt out every morning to feed the ducks. Actually I think it started by her taking them the first morning and then every morning after that Colt would come downstairs in the morning and say to her "feed ducks??" she never did say no:)
Our house was right on the lake which was perfect for all the kids. They had a little beach spot to play in the sand and shallow water to play in the water.
Dave and I by the fire one night.
We only had a fire one night this year because it was soooo hot. By the end of the week it cooled down one evening enough to have one but most of the time was spent trying to stay cool.
Dave and Dale playing cards.
These two should be married! We always joke that if anything happened to Jess and I, Dave and Dale would move in together and raise the kids:)
The boys at our last night in Chelan.
The day before we left all the boys went golfing. They wanted to do it earlier in the week but someone was always sick, finally on Friday they were all healthy so they got there golf game in!

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