Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Colt Mires : 2 years and 2 months

Thought I should do a little update on Colt.
  • This guy keeps me on my toes, he is constantly moving, running, yelling, throwing things and saying the funniest, cutest things ever! He is definitely a 2 year old in that he has started yelling "NO" and has also done his fair share of hitting lately. We have been explaining to him that saying "no" to people is not nice and its much nicer to say "no thank you." So then the other day he was playing with some of Dave's fly-fishing stuff and Dave told him to put it down and Colt looks over at him and says "no thank you daddy" and walks away with it. Dave and I both had to laugh at that one (but quietly so he would not hear).
  • He loves to play with Byson, the two of them play all day with the bats and the balls lying around the house. Usually they spend most the time chasing each other depending on who has the ball at that time. Colt can get a little rough with Byson so we are working on that but it is so funny to watch the two of them play together.
  • We took a family trip to Couer'dlane, Idaho and Colt wanted to spend basically the entire time swimming. He loves the water and has no problem going under all by himself, the funny thing is that he doesn't just duck his head under the water he stays under the water for a good 5-8 seconds before coming back up. Then he just laughs and says "adin (again)" and does it all over again. I am going to put him in swimming lessons next summer for sure!
  • He is the best big brother to Jax, it is so much fun to watch how nice he is to him. He loves to kiss him, hug him and wants to hold him all the time. He has rarely shown many signs of jealousy towards him and generally wants to make sure that his brother is okay. I drove to Kennewick one day with the boys and Colt was giving me a running commentary the entire way. It went something like this: "Mommy, Jaxer (he calls him Jaxer now)awake!", "Mommy, Jaxer spit up.", "Uh-oh Jaxer binkyfell out.", "Jaxer smile mommy." "Oh Jaxer sad now, Jaxer crying, don't be sad Jaxer.", "Jaxer asleep now Mommy, Jaxer tired." That continued on and off for the hour drive to Kennewick.
  • Dave bought him his very first football, its a real one too so it is pretty hard but he loves to play catch with it and he has also taken to sleeping with it. That's right it has been his sleeping buddy every night since he got it. We will have to see how long that lasts, everytime we go somewhere he asks me "football tome too?".
  • He still has troubles saying the letter "c" everything comes out with a "t" sound so when you ask him what his name his he replies "Tolt".
  • He can count to 10 and is starting to pick up some of the letters as well.
  • Every night after we tuck him in, read a book and say his prayers we always sing the song "Goodnight sweetheart" to him. For awhile he would put up with me singing it but now before I can even start he always says "Daddy sing it pease" so even if I am the one tucking him in he still expects Dave to come in and sing it. Apparently Dave's version is much cooler than mine!:) When I was walking through the grocery store one day with Colt in the cart he starts singing the song to himself and he is pretty good at it too!
  • I am having so much fun being Colt's mommy and I love this little boy sooooo very much. Colt said to me the other day "Mommy I love you mucho" it was the first time he had ever said it with no prompting and of course it made me so very happy.

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