Monday, August 10, 2009

Colt makes me laugh!!

  • Colt had the flu while we were on vacation in Lake Chelan and was throwing up over and over. After heaving his guts out for the umpteenth time (I lost count after 6) he looks at Dave and says " Daddy I feel all better!!".
  • I was changing Colt's diaper and as I am pulling his shorts off he looks at me and says "Mommy, its a big one. Big poop."
  • Dave told me he would watch the kids one evening while I went running by myself. Since I never get to go on runs without pushing the jogger I jumped right up and went and got ready. I come downstairs and Colt takes one look at me and says "mommy go running, Tolt come too!" I tell him that mommy is going to go by herself this time and he looks at me with this sad face then says "no mommy Tolt come" and he runs to the door, opens it up and climbs into the jogging stroller. I couldn't say no so he came with me and proceeded to talk to me the entire 4 miles "Where going mommy? Mommy you sweaty? Mommy you running fast? Why walking mommy?(even though I was not walking just going up a hill.).
  • After every diaper change Colt looks at me and says "Thank you mommy."
  • I was putting lotion on my feet and then putting socks on, I happened to forget my socks on the bed so I hopped on one foot over to grab them Colt looks at me hopping and says "Oh mommy good job!"
  • Everytime I change Jax's diaper Colt likes to come over and "help" as I am pulling off his diaper and wiping his bottom Colt always says to me "little one mommy, Jax pooped a little one."

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The Keatts Family said...

I can't wait to spend time with Mr. Colt (and Jax too!). He says the greatest things.