Sunday, April 15, 2012

Turkey Hunt

Turkey season opened today, Dave got up at 4 this morning and hunted until about 10. He came home so we could go to church together then this afternoon he took Colt back out. It didn't take long and within about 20 minutes of setting up Dave had killed a turkey. The minute he hit the turkey Colt jumped up and yelled "Dad you smoked him!". Colt called me right after they killed it and was talking so fast I could barely understand him, I have never heard him that excited about anything.
The boys so proud of their kill.
Jax wanted to go but Dave told him he had to be potty-trained before he can go turkey hunting. Now whenever someone talks about turkey hunting Jax says " I can't go turkey hunting until I'm potty-trained." You would think if he can say that sentence he should be potty-trained!
What a man!
 Right before I snapped the picture I told him it was definitely going on the blog and he started to laugh.
The funniest part was watching the two of them cutting the turkey up. Colt kept making all these faces and then laughing. I know this is just the beginning of lots of hunting adventures with Dave and the boys.

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