Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Weather

 We got a taste of summer weather these past few days. It's a little early for it to be this hot already for me but the boys were loving it. I can already tell that summer is going to mean lots of time outside, swimsuits, sunscreen and dirty boys at the end of the day.

 Colt and Jax have really been loving shooting their bows again with Dave. Jax is still just learning but Colt is really getting good. It is fun to see Jax start to enjoy it as much as Colt does.

 Of course with the nice weather I made sure to enjoy a  few outdoor runs and get some small hikes in with the boys. They love to find sticks and pretend they are fishing poles.
 Then they find a stream and fish with their sticks. It accounts for what could be hours of excitement!
 All Case wants to do is get into everything so I usually try and keep him in the stroller and keep walking while the boys are "fishing". Most the time he is pretty happy in the stroller.
 My parents were in Boston all last week watching my little sister Marni run the marathon so we watched my dad's dog Jordan (on the left). The boys had fun chasing her around the yard and then she would change direction and chase them.

I am finally getting comfortable with Case crawling around the play yard. He always wants down when the boys are playing because he wants to be with them but then he was constantly putting the rocks in his mouth which was so annoying. He is getting better about it and doesn't do it as often now. He loves crawling around through the rocks and playing with all the toys and just being one of the boys.

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Michelle said...

Love that they are enjoying their bows! :)