Monday, April 9, 2012

Case : 10 months

 Mr. Case squealing from excitement.
I think we may have our hands full with this one, he is a non-stop mover, loves to climb and is into EVERYTHING. Keeps us all on our toes. It is so fun to see his personality really start to come out, our three boys definitely all have different personalities but that just makes this journey so much more fun & interesting.

He is starting to say more words, of course my favorite is mama and he saves it just for me. A lot of his other words sound like dada but sometimes that means dog or didi (my mom). We are also pretty sure he says "Jax" it doesn't really sound like it but its the only thing he yells every time he sees Jax so we are guessing that's what he means. Case and Jax already have a funny relationship, Jax likes to smother Case with kisses, constantly touches his head and pokes him non-stop. In turn Case has started crawling all over Jax, hitting him in the head with this toys and yelling his name every time he sees him. These two are going to be hilarious together next year while Colt is at preschool. He is cruising around furniture and walks around on his knees all the time. He can stand by himself so I guess that means the next step is walking......AGH!! He still has NO teeth, so he gums lots of bananas, cheerios, bread, avocado & sweet potatoes. I still feed him baby food of veggies and fruit since he can not subsist off those 5 things alone. He also likes to sit in the play yard while the older boys play and eat rocks. I find rocks in his diaper all the time, I always hope those rocks are from him just playing in them and not actually going through him. I adore this little boy, he is my baby and that is not going to change any time soon!


posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

What a cutie!! They are look so different yet you can tell they are brothers. I wonder what a girl would look like? =) We are looking forward to seeing you at Stephen's wedding in a couple of weeks!

desertrunnergirl said...

Case is so stinking cute in that squealing picture (well, all of them of course but that one is adorable!).