Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!!!
We had a very fun Easter. I made Resurrection rolls for breakfast (this was one of Dave's family traditions growing up and they were yummy) and served them with strawberries and whip cream. The boys got a few goodies from the Easter bunny, my parents joined us for church (which the boys LOVED) and then we had lunch at my parents house and the boys got to do an Easter egg hunt. It was a full day and by the time we drove home at 3:00 all three boys were asleep.
Easter morning with their baskets, the Easter bunny brought them all new pajamas too.
 Colt enjoying breakfast.
Jax loves whip cream.
Colt was of course the first one up (6am) but it took him about another hour before he noticed the baskets on the table.

 This little truck basket was also the same basket that Colt and Jax got for their first Easter.
 Handsome goofy boys.

 This was the best I could get with all three of them.
 After lunch the boys headed outside for their Easter egg hunt. My mom and dad had spent part of the morning before church hiding eggs all over their yard. This was probably the highlight of the boys day. The weather was beautiful and a perfect day for hunting eggs.
 Jax did awesome this year, he was so into it and Colt was really wanting to make sure that they both got the same amount of eggs. For every egg that Colt would find he would yell at Jax where another one was. He stayed by Jax's side for most of the time as they searched for eggs.
 It was fun to see Jax loving it so much, he is kind of at that age where he can be pretty shy and unsure about a lot of things, he does not do well in big crowds either so it probably helped that it was just him and Colt.
 I loved the boys Easter outfits this year; gift from Memah.
 Mommy and baby watching the boys hunt. Next year Case will be in on the action too (I don't even want to think about that right now) though he had fun watching his brothers run around.
They got so much candy, I am pretty sure the majority of their calories came from candy and sugar today. We need more kids hunting eggs to spread out the candy, if there were 4 kiddos it wouldn't seem as much.:)
 Case crawled around the deck putting anything he could find in his mouth (such a fun stage!).
While my mom helped the boys sort their candy and toys. I am so bummed I didn't get a family picture, especially since we were all dressed up which rarely happens. After how long it took me to get everyone ready and looking nice their is a reason that we don't get super dressy for church every Sunday.

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Tabaitha said...

I love their Easter outfits! They looked like they had the best time hunting for eggs and digging in their baskets!