Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jax David!

Jax turned 3 today!!
I decorated the entry way so when he came down the stairs he would know it was his birthday. He was pretty excited about the bike (we found it on craigslist!).
He opened his presents from Dave and I before I left for work, Jax is usually not awake until a couple hours after I leave the house so we had to wake him up so I could watch him open his gifts too.
He got a Thor hammer (which he has been talking about non-stop for the last couple days) and some bubbles.
Papa and DiDi came over last night to give him his birthday box since they would not get to see him today.
Of all the goodies in the box he was most excited about the fruit snacks.
Dave took half a day off of work and we drove over to Tri-Cities to pick Colt up at the airport and then went over to Andy and Kenzie's to swim and have dinner. It was only about 75 today and very overcast but that did not stop the kids from getting in the pool. That water was COLD!
Jax and Calvin hanging out on the steps.
Cam and Colt. These two lucky kids just got back from a 5 day trip to Disneyland with their Memah and Poppie. They had a great time!
Case and Memah.
After dinner we had cake. I made him a cake batter ice cream cake with Captain America on top.
It was kind of a hectic day and I felt like Jax was pretty crabby for a lot of it. I feel bad that it was not as fun for him as it should have been. I think not having Colt around for the first part was hard for him and then when Colt did get back he was pretty wound up from his trip and a lot of the focus was on him. 
Since Colt has been gone the past week it has been really fun for me to get some more one-on-one time with Jax, he is such a sweet kid and really really funny. He loves playing outside, going on runs and walks with me, walking by himself in stores, wrestling with Dave, playing chase and hide-n-seek, talking to Colt and making Case laugh. We love our Jaxers!

3 year stats
Height : 38.5 inches (80%)
Weight : 35 lbs (70%)

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