Monday, May 21, 2012

Seattle & Woodland Park Zoo

We headed over to Seattle for the weekend because Dave had some business things he needed to take care of. We stayed  at the Comfort Inn and the boys had a blast playing in the indoor swimming pool and wrestling in the hotel room (I told Dave when the boys are older we are getting boy and girl hotel rooms on vacation - looks like I'll be the only one in the girl room:)). We went to the zoo on Saturday which was fun and a nice way to get out of the hotel and let the boys use some of that never ending supply of energy they seem to have these days.
The water was a little cold but once Case got used to it he really did like swimming. We basically had the pool to ourselves and it was fun to swim with them and just spend time with the 5 of us.
Case and Colt wrestling on the hotel bed.
Jax was a little scared to stand too close to the gorilla statue at the zoo.
My boys!
The highlight of the day was definitely feeding and petting the giraffe.
By 6:00 Dave and I were ready to go but Colt kept looking at the map and finding a new animal he wanted to go see. He was hilarious with that map, he walked around all day with it and then would stop and examine where he wanted to go next.  Finally he said the last thing he wanted to do was go on the carousel.
So we found it and he was happy! Jax didn't want to go but had fun waving at Colt and Dave as they went by. It was a fun weekend and nice to spend some time as a family with no distractions.

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