Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Case Michael

Case is 1! Hard to believe it has already been a year since he became the newest member of our family. It has been such a fun year and he is a fantastic addition to our brood of boys. I decorated the kitchen with balloons, a happy birthday sign, and fun decorations to let our little boy know it was his special day. I'm not sure Case noticed the decorations but I know his older brothers did and they were both so excited for him.
Jax was still sleeping (like always) so Colt made sure Case knew it was his birthday.

I made him coconut banana muffins for breakfast. They were gobbled up fast by all the boys.
Colt and Jax got him a dump truck, a shovel and a bucket. The boys were more excited to open Case's gifts than Case was. He had lots of help.
The birthday boy!
 My mom made him a birthday box and put a bunch of small gifts in it. He loved pulling everything out.
Dave couldn't be there on Case's birthday but my parents came over and we celebrated my dad's birthday as well (his is the next day). My mom brought over dinner from Tiki Teriyaki and then we opened presents and had cake! Colt was very excited to give Papa his Under Armour shorts and shirt (he is obsessed with Under Armour because Dave is always wearing it).
I think from now on Papa and Case's birthday will always get celebrated together.
The birthday boys with their cakes. I made Case a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and my mom made my dad an oatmeal cake.
Papa, DiDi and their youngest grandson.
All the boys wanted to help blow out the candles.
First bite of cake. He was not real sure about it, he ate a little bit but mostly squished it between his fingers.
Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy. I have loved this last year and have enjoyed getting to spend so much of your first year with you. You were the only baby that I didn't have to leave at daycare and go back to work after being born. It has been so amazing getting to be home with you and your brothers and I have loved watching you grow into a little man. 
Your a mama's boy and I hope you stay that way...... I love you Case Michael Pemberton!


Tabaitha said...

Love the pictures from Case's first birthday! You will have to send me the recipe for those coconut banana muffins. They sound delicious!

Erin said...

Love this post, so sweet. Happy Birthday Case! Even though daddy was gone, it looked like a very special day!