Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boys Birthday Party

With all the activities and busyness of everyone's schedule this summer I decided to have one big birthday party for all three boys. All three of their birthday's fall within a month of each other so I figured it would be easier for both families if they only had to make the trip to Walla Walla once. I had planned a big outdoor water party with water balloons, water guns, slip-n-slide and a pinata. However, it poured the entire day of the party so we only got to do the pinata. I was a little stressed with having so many people in our not so big house but it turned out fine. All the kids had so much fun and played so nice together, the men sat in the room with the television and watched the NBA basketball game and the ladies sat in the sitting room and had some nice conversations. I kept the food simple and we did gourmet hotdogs (from Costco), baked beans, fruit platter, chips and a shrimp salad that my mom made. The kids ate, played upstairs in the boys room and had fun with the pinata (the rain slowed enough so we could at least go outside and do that). I don't have very many pictures because my camera battery died.

 My mom made the cake pops for the kids and strawberry rhubarb pie for the adults. It was so nice to have her help with all the desserts and the salad.

The biggest gift for the boys was their new teeter-totter. They literally probably spend a couple hours a day on this and are constantly begging me to play with them on it. Colt and Jax get on one side together and I get on the other side and we play all sorts of imaginary games on it. Not only does it go up and down but it goes in a circle too and then love it when we pretend that it is a boat and we are going to travel somewhere (Alaska, Mexico, Spain, New York). The boys yell something like "shark" or "pirate" and then we start going faster and faster to get away from them. Even with the two of them on the other side they still weigh less than me so pretty much I do all the work, it is a pretty good leg workout.

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